When my son was born, the bedroom we put him in must be east facing, because the sun would just pour into his room early in the day and increase in brightness throughout the day.  At that time, we did not have any blinds or curtains in his room, a problem we needed to rectify promptly if there was to be any hope that he would nap.  I started to look into curtains to start with, and found many different varieties, from sheer to ridiculously thick, many choices, options and prices that ranged from very cheap to super expensive. I happened to find a brand of curtain called Eclipse at one of the stores I was perusing.  They claimed to be blackout curtains that would remove most of the light from the outside and provide a nice, dark room for my son.  This sounded great, so I managed to find two packages of panels in the same color and hung them up right away.  What I liked about them first of all is that they were still semi sheer, it seemed as though they would never darken a room but to my surprise, they did!  And second of all, I liked that they were a nice green color, I didn’t have to sacrifice and buy a color I wasn’t interested in to get the effect I was looking for.

In doing some research, I found out that the Eclipse brand of curtains uses four different types of technologies to seal out the light.  The first is thermalayer, which provides a triple layer of thermal fabric, with black yarn woven into the fabric to maximize light blockage and noise reduction.  The second is thermaweave, which allows normal curtain yarn to be interwoven with black yarn for enhanced light reduction, while still providing the proper aesthetic to the room (meaning you can still have a pretty color curtain instead of only black.)  The third is thermaback, which provides multiple layers of white foam for added insulation and noise dampening.  The fourth is sheerfunction, which increases the UV blocking characteristic of sheer curtains.  The only problem is that they get very dusty, so I use House Cleaning Services of AA, to take them down and clean them often.  Overall, I have been very satisfied with the Eclipse brand curtains, and have since added them to my daughter’s room.  You can reclaim naptime both for your child and hopefully, for yourself!

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