The Sun

In my last post, I talked about blackout curtains, and how my son needed them when he was small.  I wanted to share with you today the poem that preceeded my purchase of those curtains.

Oh sun!

Oh traitorous one!

When baby goes down for a nap,

out you come in a snap!

You blink your big yellow eyes

how I want to pull you from the sky!

All day you play hide and seek

and out you come from a cloud to peek

upon a baby struggling to rest,

you suddenly need to show him your best!

You strut around with muscles and might

but you are entirely too bright!

“Please,” I plead, “disappear for an hour, perhaps a small rain shower?”

But no, this is too much to ask!

The sun is set in his task!

“But perhaps,” he concedes with a sigh, “I will come back by and by.”

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