Let’s talk about blinds

So a couple of posts ago I talked about the importance of blackout curtains in a bedroom to filter out light.  But of course, light can still come in through the gap in the curtains, so to REALLY filter out the most light, you have to consider blinds.

Blinds used to be just a typical vinyl 1/2 slat that went down when pulled with a cord, and typically came in white.  Nowadays, there is a virtual flood of choices for blinds depending on where you want them.  The first thing to consider is the size of the slats in the blinds.  They come in 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 2 inch slats.  1/2 inch are the most popular and you can buy them pretty inexpensively if you are just looking for basic function.

The nice thing about blinds is that you can take a look around your room at the windows that are there and decide what kind of blinds you’d like.  Vertical or horizontal?  Choose 2 inch vertical for sliding glass doors that will utilize a wand to pull the slats off to the side, or for picture windows that are wider than they are tall.  Wider horizontal slats are nice for creating the illusion of bigger windows and more space in a smaller room or apartment.

Always consider your budget when looking to purchase blinds.  Are you outfitting your entire house?  Are there multiple sliding doors that may need more expensive blinds?  Do you have a particular room, like the kitchen or a bedroom that you want to have more fancy blinds in?  Wood blinds are best for a den or office, where moisture won’t be as much of an issue.  You want vinyl or aluminum in the kitchen, bath and living room.

Blinds are wonderful because you can tilt them to let in a little light while leaving the blinds all the way down, or you can close them up tight for maximum sun blockage and privacy, or you can pull them all the way up to let in the most light.  Also, now they have blinds that can be moved so that the top of the window is uncovered, or so that the bottom is exposed.

Just remember, when considering blinds, cost is a must and also how much cleaning you will need to do to keep the dust and grime off of them.  I highly recommend the House Cleaning Services of AA to professionally clean and extend the life of your blinds.



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