Wood Blinds

As we all know, there are many different styles of blinds out there; of the many choices vinyl, aluminum, and wood are the three most popular.  I have talked a little about vinyl and aluminum, today I will cover wood blinds.  There are two main reasons to get wood blinds vs the other styles; looks and insulation function.

Firstly, real wood blinds add an attractiveness to a room that the other styles don’t offer nearly as well.  You can choose different stains, colors, sizes and materials to fit any size window and placed in just about any room.  They can also be stained to match the trim of the window, or painted in whatever color scheme you are going with in a room.  Natural wood blinds create a warm, comfortable feeling in any room of the house.  Another thing to consider when choosing wood blinds is size of the slats.  1 and 2 inch slats are more common, but the larger slats provide more of a shutter effect and let in the most light.  1 inch slats are good for french doors and smaller windows, while 2 inch looks great on the bigger windows.

Secondly, wood blinds are good insulators.  They insulate against the heat and cold because of their solid wood construction.  And because they are solid wood, they offer you maximum privacy and protection for your furniture from the sun.  Solid wood blinds are also very lightweight and last a long time because there is less daily wear and tear on them.

Another aspect to consider is real wood vs faux wood.  Faux wood is made of a polymer plastic composite, and resists warping in humid temperatures, so they are best put to use in the bathroom and kitchen.  However, real wood blinds resist fading and warping in high sunlit areas so these are best used here.  The biggest factor is cost, real wood blinds can be very expensive and if you are looking for something to give a wood appearance without the cost, then faux wood is the way to go.

So if you are looking for an attractive blind that also offers better functionality, then these are the blinds for you!

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