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I’ve been thinking about the different name brands for blinds, so over the next few posts, I am going to talk about some of the more popular name brands for blinds individually, listing a few highlights to consider. I think that this will help when you are standing in the blinds aisle at a home improvement store wondering which brand would be the best. Just because an item is more expensive than the others, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the best fit for you. Sometimes if you are on a limited budget, some of the lower costing blinds may work just fine for your home or business.

First I want to talk about Hunter Douglas. I have seen their name in ceiling fans, but they also make custom blinds on their website. At Hunter Douglas, form and function are inseparable. Their designs are beautiful but also provide UV filtering, light control, insulation from heat and cold, and can even absorb sound.

They have a wide variety of product designs, from sheer to opaque, offering privacy and light protection in different degrees depending on where they are needed. A nice sheer blind is good in a sunroom where you want light to come in, but not be blinding to those sitting in there. Opaque is perfect for a child’s bedroom, where you want most of the light and sound filtered out so that they sleep better both during the bright sunlit day and at night when the moon is at it’s peak.

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Energy efficiency and child safety are important to the workers at Hunter Douglas as well. They offer cordless systems that are either manually operated or motorized that function simply and offer protection from small hands grabbing at cords. For energy efficiency, they are constantly striving to improve insulation, so that in the winter, the warmth from the sun is blocked in, and in the summer, the suns rays are kept out to reduce heating and cooling bills.

Overall, this would be a good brand name to trust, they have a name that is recognized and trusted in their industry.

(I am not affiliated with Hunter Douglas and they have not paid me to write this post.)


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