The Inner Light

Today I realized simply and profoundly what we already know, whether we realize it or not, that we are all facets of God and facets of one another. We are all slivers of the greater whole.

When we are in the Light, we glimmer and shine.

When we are in the Light, we are our true selves.

It is our job as facets of the whole to find that Light and shimmer our brightest possible. It is our job as facets of the whole to spread that light.

I want this blog to be a part of that. I won’t use the word ‘God’ always, in fact I admit it is still uncomfortable for me to use that word since I associate it with an extremely religious upbringing that caused (and still causes) much torment and suffering in some of my relationships. The word ‘God’ can put people off, including me. But I am spiritual. I am connected to you, as you are to me, as we are to the earth and all it’s creatures and to all inanimate objects.

Yes that’s right inanimate objects too. 

Everything is made of energy, wether it’s a glass of water sitting on your table or an exploding volcano. And since we are energy, we too are water and volcanoes, and rocks and sticks, and bugs and plants. Now…that’s not something you’d say to every neighbor- amiright? Join me as I get into the thick of it- and the light of it- on my spiritual journey.


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