Bamboo-a Great Choice for Blinds!

As we know, blinds come in many different materials: vinyl, wood and aluminum just to name a few. But there is one that is great for the environment, durable and long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing in any room, and affordable too! Bamboo is a great option when you are looking to purchase blinds for your home and more and more contractors, real estate agents and designers are using them in homes and businesses.

Bamboo is low-impact on the environment, and is a sustainable material that grows quickly. It can come in different stain colors, so that if you are trying to match your blinds with your wood floor, you can do that pretty easily. They also blend great with natural fiber rugs.

They look fragile but are actually very durable and also easy to clean. Dusting them off once a week is plenty for cleaning them, and if you go with the roll option, they pretty much dust themselves when you roll them up for the day. They are also moisture resistant so are a great idea for high-humidity rooms.

Bamboo is also very affordable, but the only problem is that they they DO let light filter through so a liner would be necessary for a bathroom or a bedroom. The liners can be pricey, so be sure to have a plan in mind as to where you would most like to have them in your home or office. If you have a sunroom for example, or a kitchen that lets in a lot of light during the day, bamboo blinds are excellent because they don’t need to be adjusted. The light will filter in naturally and not be overwhelming.

All in all, bamboo is a great option for blinds to add warmth and beauty in any room of your house or office!

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