Spring Forward

Well, the darkness is starting to recedeĀ  from our days here in Michigan. The sun is slowly making appearances a little more every day. And as we look forward to Spring and losing an hour with Daylight Savings Time, we start looking forward to cleaning the house top to bottom.

I always feel that I neglect my windows when I do Spring cleaning. I forget to dust the blinds, take down the curtains and wash them, and scrub the windows inside and out. It’s not that I don’t want them clean, I just have a time issue. I am a busy Mom of two and there always seems to be something else that needs to be done before windows. Plus I have the added frustration that they take so long to clean and get dirty again almost right away.

I need to find a house cleaner near me, a professional who can come in and clean the areas that I often skip over and hope to get to someday. Someone who can come in and clean my windows, deep clean the hardwood floors in my house, and scrub the baseboards. Those are the three that I just don’t seem to have time for when I’m cleaning.

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