Choosing the right window treatments for your home

When I moved into my cape cod style home seven years ago, I was dismayed to find that the previous owners had removed the blinds and curtains from every window in the house. They were told to take things that were not nailed down but they did anyway, leaving us with the plastic pieces screwed in on the tops of our windowsills. Because our home lets in so much light during the day and is exposed to the road and passersby, we needed to make some decisions quickly as to what treatments we wanted to put where.

So how DO you decide? Well, the first thing you do is take a look at the room and how much light you want to let in. In the living room, we went with mid-price range aluminum blinds so that they would look decent in well-used room. And then we choose sheer curtains in a slate blue color to add a little pop to the living room. This was a good idea because we can close the curtains during the brightest part of the day and they will still let in some light, allowing for a semi-dark room.

Obviously in the bathroom you will want something that offers privacy, so you could either put a film over the window that can still let light in but outside of the home you will not be able to see in. You can also get cellular shades that can either go top to bottom, or bottom to half way up. These have a honeycomb design that keeps the cold out, allows heat to come in and still offers a good amount of light.

In my kids bedrooms, I went with blackout blinds, which are nice because they come in many colors so you can coordinate with whatever color theme you have going in the bedroom. And they also are economical, they absorb the heat from the sun (while blocking the light!) and block out the cold. I also chose blackout curtains for maximum light filtration while they are sleeping.

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There are many different treatments you can do, I would definitely suggest spending a few moments in each room of your home, take measurements of your windows and decide what you need the treatments to do for that particular room. It’s also great that because there are so many varieties in colors, patterns, and fabrics available, coordinating curtains/blinds for your house is pretty easy to do.

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